Saturday, 25 December 2010

Commercial Christmas

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Christmas has conventionally been about family and feasting, but a recent trend has moved the focus of this holiday more towards gifts and spending money. Obviously there is a religious side to christmas for many people,  but even this has seen a stead decline over the years in favor of presents and unnecessary objects, which will then be discarded after the holiday season is over. This is all summed up wonderfully in a piece of street graffiti by the artist Banksy, who has become well known for his hard hitting and often controversial street graffiti. Bansky's "Christ with Shopping Bags" was displayed in Santa's Ghetto in London back in 2004, along side many other artists. The Guardian produced an review article for the event 1, stating that the gallery "rallies against the commercialisation of Christmas by selling lots of stuff", which is an interesting take on this modern holiday season. This image is interesting because it turns the conventions of christmas and what it was originally about on its head, and leaves the viewer with a strong take home message about how commercial christmas has become, from its origins as a religious festival. 

E Markham (2010). Commercial Christmas blogspot

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