Thursday, 6 January 2011

Hologram hoax

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Today’s edition of the Metro shone a light in to the darkness of pseudoscience with its article explaining the recent fraudulent claims made by the sellers of “Power balance bracelets”.  Recently the companies branch in Australia have acknowledged that there claims are fraudulent and that anyone who has been misled can claim a full money back refund, this is a huge step forward in combating pseudoscientific claims, however the other branches of this company are not retracting there claims and they try and promote the ‘benefits’ of the bracelets from anecdotal evidence rather than fact. The theory behind it is that the hologram ‘improves the body’s energy flow’, whatever that is supposed to mean. Science has long established that there is no ‘energy’ flow within the body, electrical or otherwise. There are highly controlled movements of electrons, ions and chemicals within the body, but the presents or absence of a hologram will make no difference. Part of the way they carry out this con is by tricking the potential buyer by carrying out a ‘test’ to show how you’re physically stronger when wearing the bracelet compared with not wearing it (by taking advantage of applied kinesiology). But obviously this is a biased and not controlled test, to try and sell the product. Many famous people have been sucked in to this scam and there comments form more anecdotal evidence to support the bracelets ludicrous claims. What is frustrating is that more people don’t question these claims and push for the government to regulate these products more in order to protect people from being conned. 

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