Sunday, 23 January 2011

Shoe Scams

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Many people suffer from back pain from time to time, and many people stand at an angle, but claims from shoe inset companies that different types of inserts can be used to treat back and foot pain has no scientific support. The LA Times published an article 1 discussing a new shoe insert product that was making claims it could not support, and subsequently made many people question the supposed benefits from orthotics and other shoe inserts that are advertised on TV and prescribed by doctors. Technically an orthotics 2 is a device which restricts the movement of an area, holding it in a desired position and giving it support, this tends to come in the form of a large brace. Simple inner soles for shoes are not orthotics. What is shocking is that all though some people are skeptical enough to know these devices will not instantly cure back pain or other chronic problems; there are many websites out there still willing to promote these misleading products. Some of which carry the NHS logo and state that this product is approved by the HNS 3, but if you look at there range of product they have one type called ‘Catwalk’ which is designed for high heels. I’m sorry, but if you’re suffering from foot pain the most likely cause would be the high heels, which are scientifically shows to cause deformation of the foot and lasting damage to the bones and tendons of the foot if worn for long periods. So, wouldn’t it make more sense to stop wearing high heels, than to buy some insert which claims to magically cure these problems? The user may feel some short term relief, the same with buying a new pair of shoes where the support has not been worn away, but these inserts are nothing more then foam and are certainly not going to be a solution to long term chronic problems.

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  1. This is 100% true, i work for a Custom Orthotics Lab and we make custom insole out of rigid polyprop and it rather irrates me when such items as scholl offer pathetic products in the chemists "claiming" to do the same