Thursday, 2 June 2011

Zombie Zealously

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The Center for Disease Control plays a vital role in a variety of programs and efforts; this includes tracking the spread of outbreaks of disease to educating communities about avoiding disease and assisting in the distribution of health supplies and resources. The CDC releases an information guideline for emergency preparedness every year, with guidelines on storing and sterilizing water to preparing a first aid kit. However this year there publication was slightly different, it had a zombie theme 1. This may seem unrealistic, but it is clearly a good way to communicate the desired information to the target audiences, where they would not normally pay much attention to a dry safety outline. The online guide was instantly so popular that it crashed the CDC servers due to the unexpectedly high levels of traffic to the site. It has since been featured on the news, social media and across the internet in general. Overall the guide could be described as incredibly successful, it has connected and informed so many more people than it usually reaches and clearly this represents the changing face of how information is distributed and communicated within this technology and film based generation.

E Markham (2011). Zombie Zealously Blogspot

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