Thursday, 15 September 2011

Oscillococcinum Oxymoron

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It seems to be a growing trend that big companies and corporations threaten legal action against anyone criticizing their product, however now even pseudoscience wants to masquerade as science, by suing bloggers and writers for libel when they discuss how the product doesn’t work or is scientifically incorrect. The most prominent case is this was when Simon Singh was sued by the British Chiropractor Association, but eventually the case was dropped, however this is significant because most people wouldn’t have the financial backing to fight the charges and so would become silences, but fortunately this was not the case.

Another case that has just come to light in the British Medial Journal, is a case involving an international homeopathy produced who is threatening an Italian blogger because he criticized the product 1, Oscillococcinum, because it technically contains no active ingredients, since the preparation of 200C is the equivalent of 1 in 100 then diluted serially 200 times, this is the same as “1ml of the original ingredients diluted in to water the same size as the known universe”, so clearly it cannot be claimed to have any of the original molecular present. But that doesn’t matter, to make matters worse, Oscillococcinum, the original ingredient that they claim to be diluting, doesn’t actually exist! As it was recorded and discovered by only one person, but apparently duck liver contains very high concentrations of this non-existent molecule. Even the principle behind the product does not follow the theory of homeopathy, as it is based on "treating like with like". Since this product is designed to threat the flu, so it must produce similar symptoms to that of the flu. Then is is suggesting that the flu is simply imaginary? Hopefully commonsense and science will prevail.

E Markham (2011). Oscillococcinum Oxymoron Blogspot

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