Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Fairy Fantasy

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It has recently been claimed that a live fairy has been captured in Mexico 1, apparently it is now dead and preserved in formaldehyde. The man who caught it, a bricklayer called Jose Maldonado, said it appeared when he was picking guavas and he at first thought it was something shiny before he picked it up and realised it was a fairy. He has recently lost his job, and so he charges people who come to his house to see the fairy and take photos. Over 3,000 visitors have come to see the fairy, and it has sparked off locals making merchandise with images of the fairy or selling refreshments to people waiting to see it, bringing money to the local area.

It is quite obvious that the fairy is a hoax for many reasons:
-why would a bricklayer be picking guavas
-why would he kill the fairy, as it would be worth more alive than dead
-where would someone in the poorest part of Mexico gets formaldehyde from
-why is it identical to a plastic toy fairy sold in Mexico

Mexican Toy                    "Fairy"

All thought misleading gullible people in exchange for money is deeply wrong, it does have one positive impact by bringing tourism and business to one of the poorest parts of Mexico. However, this comes at a price; it does promote the belief in superstitions and mythology, which can have negative repercussions, like people seeking out alternative medicine rather than medicine that are proven safe and effective. 

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