Thursday, 10 November 2011

Ubertan Unsafe

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A nasal spray called Ubertan is a product which has become increasingly popular among people looking to get the perfect tan. It is available at most tanning salons and online, but upon examination of the bottle something seeming missing, the ingredients. When several concerned users contacted the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) a full investigation in to this product was launched 1. It has since been determined that Ubertan is an unlicensed medication, which mean it is both illegal to sell or advertise Ubertan. The products website appears to have been taken down, but upon further investigation it appears to have simply changed its name, from to The websites most recent comments date from the 24th of June, before media coverage of the risks of ubertan products. Since then, no-one has been able to get a statement from the company. Even so, many people are desperate to get hold of this product despite its risks. There is even a Facebook group dedicated to Ubertan, where many women exchange links to websites of where to illegally obtain ubertan products. But is it worth it? One of the biggest risks would be possible allergic reactions or medical complications due to taking the product, and this would be compounded by the fact that the ingredients of the product are unknown, so the doctors would not know an effective treatment.

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