Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Museum Madness

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In September this year, the Canadian Air and space museum came under threat from development. The site is very unique and is a piece of history in itself, as it is comprised of decommissioned air force buildings, which were vital in the war effort. The site is recognized as a Federal Heritage Building since May 14th 1992, and yet this has been ignored by the government, and development plans for the site have been given the go ahead. As of the 20th of September 2011, the museum was served an eviction notice and locked down. The museum provides not only interest to tourists but also a vital educational resource for school children and scholars alike. It is the original factory for the production of the tiger moth aircraft along with many other types of airplane within Canada. The museum houses a variety of exhibits, many of which can not be moved without being cut in to pieces. Not only that, but a vital part of the museum is simply the building it’s located in, and without this much of the atmosphere and history is lost. The local residents of Toronto and the Smithsonian museum have both opposed the eviction, but currently the plans for developing the site in to a new hockey stadium is still going ahead.

In a country as sparsely populated as Canada, why are we destroying the heritage we have, when a new location could have been used? Not only is this an attack on the importance of history, but also on the importance and availability of science to the young and old alike. Everyone needs to make a stand against such action, in order to preserve vital history and resources for the next generation. There is currently an online petition which is submitted to the planning and development department to oppose the development.

E Markham (2011). Museum Madness Blogspot

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